Main Area
  • Reception Area

    Reception Area

    Stepping through the main gate which replicates Tam Quan Gates, there come two building blocks influenced by construction of ancient temples. This nostagically reflects an antique look of earlier Vietnam architecture

  • Lotus Buffet and Café Outlets

    Lotus Buffet and Café Outlets

    Including 3 restaurants - “Lotus bar & café”, “Lotus bar & restaurant” and "Lotus garden restaurant” – with the capacity of nearly 200 seats.

  • Complex of swimming pools

    Complex of swimming pools

    Main areas include: * Indoor hot mineral water: It is designed in the style of French architecture; the open space helps visitors relax in the hot mineral water tub as well as enjoy the landscape just outside the window. * Outdoor swimming pool: The pool has a surface area of nearly 70 meter square and is built on international standards…

  • The Lotus Restaurant Chain

    The Lotus Restaurant Chain

    Includes the main house and smaller breezy, open octagonhuts built in the European architecture. The huts provide open views of the pools and the enveloping lotus lake."Lotus buffet & café"has a capacity of nearly 200 people.

  • French Villas

    French Villas

    Located on one end of Vietnam-culture Street, the villas are designed in the style of French architecture, with 24 rooms and deluxe suites, all 4-star standard, with a view to the Lotus Lake, pool and garden;

  • “Old town” Hotel

    “Old town” Hotel

    Influenced by architectural stype of Old Quarter on Vietnam-culture Street, the hotel consists of 24 rooms with all tyles - deluxe room, twin deluxe room and double deluxe room, all 3 star standard, interior design and furniture reflect Hanoi old-street style;